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Viewmont Dental Centre | 12 Reasons To See The Dentist Today in VICTORIA


Dr. Gurjit Gakhal                         Family / Sedation / Implants          


12 Reasons To See The Dentist Today
Viewmont Dental Centre in VICTORIA BC

1. It’s been a year or more since you’ve had a full Check-up and Cleaning

Regular checkups allow the dentist to find cavities while they are small, fixing them now will be less invasive and less expensive.   Cavities are not always symptomatic, often by the time there is discomfort the decay has already progressed significantly.  Catching decay early helps avoid pain, abscesses, root canals and extractions. 

Your dentist is also looking for other indicators of dental and overall health during your appointment.  Some examples are wear, erosion, abrasion, clenching, grinding, acid reflux, diabetes, and cancer.  This is also the perfect time to bring up any concerns you may have such as bad breath, crooked teeth, sensitivity or whitening.

Regular Cleanings help keep your gums and mouth healthy, which is important for your overall health.The removal of calculus by the hygienist is important because it cannot be removed with a toothbrush, it needs to be removed with special instruments.  When calculus is present on the teeth the body sees it as a foreign object that it needs to destroy.  This is why your gums become red and puffy and bleed easily.   If this state becomes chronic the body starts to attack the bone that is holding the teeth in place. This attack often leads to bone loss known as Periodontal disease.   When Periodontal disease is left to progress, tooth loss is inevitable and is the most common reason people loose their teeth.  Periodontal disease cannot be fixed, but it’s progression can be stopped.

2. You have Pain

Any sort of pain in the mouth or jaw is a good reason to see the dentist.   

If you have pain or swelling in the face, neck or mouth, your tooth is aching on it’s own and / or is keeping you up at night, it is important to see a dentist immediately.    These are indicators of infection, and should be dealt with before they get worse or spread.

VICTORIA Dentist | 12 Reasons To See The Dentist Today. Gurjit Gakhal is a VICTORIA Dentist.

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