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Viewmont Dental Centre | What Causes Cavities in VICTORIA


Dr. Gurjit Gakhal                         Family / Sedation / Implants          


What Causes Cavities
Viewmont Dental Centre in VICTORIA BC

Patients who come into our dental office and have several cavities, or have new cavities at each appointment are often at a loss as to why this is happening to them.  Often they feel that it is inevitable or that they have “soft” teeth.  Often they brush fairly well and do not understand that there are several factors that play a roll in whether or not you will experience decay.   Your diet and the amount of saliva you have, are just as if not more important than how often you brush.


What causes decay?  There are 4 factors that play into the decay process, in order to have decay all must be present.


  1.  Bacteria
  2.  Food (for the bacteria)
  3.  Time
  4.  A susceptible tooth



Cavity causing bacteria is found in plaque, and may also be free floating in the mouth.    It is important to brush your teeth twice a day, taking care to do an excellent job before bed.   It is important for us to rid our mouths of bacteria before bed because when we sleep we have less saliva.  This means that anything that is on our teeth will remain there for the entire night.  It is also now recommended that everyone use a mouth rinse.  Our teeth only occupy 25% of our mouths, we need to clean our tongues, cheeks and palate as well,  a rinse is the easiest way to do this.   As for flossing, it is important to clean between your teeth, how you should do so (floss, waterpik, proxabrush etc) is dependant on what your mouth looks like.  Not sure what to use, ask your hygienist.


A note on bacteria.  Decayed teeth harbour bacteria, therefore in order to stop decay in the rest of the mouth, it is important to have the decay removed and the tooth fixed.



VICTORIA Dentist | What Causes Cavities. Gurjit Gakhal is a VICTORIA Dentist.

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